Thinking about selling your business?

Sell to us and get MORE!

We specialise in buying and scaling small, medium and midmarket enterprises. Our unique phased approach to acquisitions allows you to enjoy the freedom of time while still benefiting financially from your business as we take over operations, unlock BEE opportunities and drive digital growth.

Why Sell to WeBUYSMEs

We are a group of high performance individuals that has served as executives for some of South Africa's biggest companies such as PSG Konsult, BDO and Chevron. We have combined our skillsets to develop an acquisitions structure that favours the business owner. The phased approach is the preferred method as it offers significantly more value to the seller, smooths out the management transition and reduces our risk.

We initially purchase a majority stake of your business, move you into an advisory role, take over management, optimize operations, win BEE opportunities, drive digital growth and scale. At the new higher valuation, we then purchase the remaining shares. The result is you continue to earn from the business without the responsibilities and you get paid a lot for the shares of your business.

Partnership Benefits

  • BEE Opportunities: Watch revenue sore as your business wins lucrative contracts.

  • Fair and Simple Valuations: Enjoy a simple and quick business valuation process.

  • Cash Up Front: We pay for the majority stake, giving you the opportunity to kick start the lifestyle you want.

  • 2nd bite at the Apple: Hit the jackpot with a 2nd payment at a much higher valuation than the first.

  • Continued Earning: Have the financial security to maintain living expenses with regular payments in the form of dividends and a salary.

  • Digital Marketing: Profit from more sales as we cast your net wider than ever as using the most advance digital marketing tools, techniques and strategies.

  • Management: We run the business giving you the time to do what you love.

  • Network: We make things happen quickly by using our network to go straight to the decision makers.

What We're Not

  • Business Brokers: Get 100% of your sales proceeds.

  • Employees: We don’t take leave, we don’t complain, we just get things done.

  • Consultants: We don’t sit back and advise in favour of own interests above yours. We put our money where our mouth is aligning our interests with yours, you lose we lose, you win we win, so best believe you will be winning.

  • Private equity: We don’t sit back passively playing with calculators while you do all the work. We are in the trenches getting our hands dirty.


As a team, we are united by a desire to build, improve and unlock the potential of South Africa through business. The economic landscape in South Africa is not without problems. We believe that adopting a proactive ethos which sees problems as opportunities is the only way to achieve success. We believe that as a corporation we will create significant positive change through job retainment, job creation, serving leadership, wealth sharing and accountability.

We achieve this by helping owners of SME’s transition smoothly into the next phase of their life with dignity, peace of mind and the continuation of their legacy. Our goal when structuring deals is to offer as much value as possible by strategising pragmatic solutions that maximize the SME’s earning potential. We do this by taking a hands-on approach and combining our plethora of knowledge, skillsets, expertise and resourcefulness with the owners.