Acquisitions & Partnerships

We acquire and scale small, medium and midmarket enterprises. Our deal structure is designed to maximize the value to the seller. We achieve this through a phased exit allowing the seller to gain from the upside as we optimise operations, unlock BEE opportunities and drive digital growth.

We purchase a majority equity stake of the company leaving the owner with a minority equity stake. As we take over operations the owner transitions out of the day-to-day into an advisory role relieving them of the majority of their responsibility and time commitment. The remaining equity is purchased after 2-4 years of growth at the new higher valuation.

We drive growth and enhance the performance of the business by focusing on the following:

  • ​Improved Governance: Incentive Structures, Accountability, Leadership.

  • Sensible Management: Proactive Structures, Responsible Systems.

  • Optimised Operations: Efficient Systems, Effective Procedures, Value Chain Optimisation.

  • Effective Training: Upskill, Competent Staff.

  • Secure Finance: Capital Raising, Debt Management, Strategic Planning, Secure Systems.

  • Smart Tax: Efficient Accounting, Sound Financial Management, Clean Audits.

  • BEE Opportunities: Opportunities, Funding, Training.

  • Digital Sales: Online Presence, Accountable Marketing.

  • Network: Quick, Effortless Access.

Qualifying Criteria

We are interested in established businesses that have at least R2.5m in free cash flow and above. This would exclude the owners salary but include a the cost of replacement replacement. We have no upper limit.

Businesses also need to have the potential to win BEE contracts and/or grow via digital sales are.

Industries we avoid partake in include mining, sin, entertainment and restaurants.

To find out if your business qualifies
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